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QUBS Data Archive IP Rights

Researchers do not relinquish any control of their data when depositing them in our data archive. Rather, the intellectual property rights of these data sets remain with the original researchers and they ultimately will edjudicate if and who gains access to their data.

Ultimately, we envision a mechanism where interested parties (i.e. researchers from other institutions) will:

  1. use our search engine to identify data sets of interest, and
  2. submit an application to the owners of the data (through the manager of the archive to minimize spam).
Owners of the data will, in turn, judge the merits of the submission and may:
  1. decline to allow their data to be used,
  2. release the data but with stated constraints (e.g. co-authorship), or
  3. simply release the data to be used as indicated in the application form.

We welcome input in how best to achieve this process. Please email should you wish to comment.